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Stem Cell Nutrition

Faster healing of the body through increased release and circulation of innate stem cells.

The video above is the first of a series on Roger's YouTube Channel that introduce the concept and products of Stem Cell Nutrition.

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Innate Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are the current buzz words in treatment for the future although there are limitations with current techniques of injecting stem cells into injury sites. The most recent information has revealed that the healing does not last because when stem cells are harvested and injected into an injury only a small proportion of the injected stem cells are relevant to that tissue type. Those stem cells that are relevant will differentiate and heal the damage, but in time the stem cells that are not supposed to be in that tissue can create problems including necrosis and/or ossification which causes the injury to break down again. Recent developments using A-cell therapy are much better because the A-cells release cytokines that call in the body's own stem cells that are then correct for that tissue type. The more stem cells there are in the circulation the better the body can supply them to damaged areas to enable the body to heal itself. A-cell treatment is comparable in price to stem cell injections but can treat multiple sites if necessary for the same cost. A-cell treatment can be used to treat recent or old injuries alike.

There is a another cheaper alternative where specific nutrients have been identified that stimulate the body to produce and release 25-30% higher levels of adult stem cells into the blood from bone marrow naturally. Increasing circulating numbers of innate stem cells has the advantage in being able to improve not just the known areas that need healing but any unknown areas too. If used as an ongoing supplementation the body will maintain itself better and effectively reduce ageing degeneration throughout the body. Roger is now recommending stem cell nutrition supplementation for older individuals over more commonly recognised supplements that frequently support specific areas such as the joints but neglect other essential areas of the body such as the organs. Any system is only as good as it's weakest link and the body is no different.

Find out the importance of stem cells for your body's maintenance and repair here ...

Click here to watch StemEnhance inventor Christian Drapeau explain the importance of stem cells in the body and what Stemtech products can do for you and your animals.

There are specific products for people, dogs and horses all of which are available online using the trolley link below.

"Having used StemTech products since Nov 2012, I can happily vouch for their efficacy. Results of healing from injury and even from a mild heart cough have been nothing short of astounding in cases. One cob with confirmed stifle OCD has now been given the all clear on x-ray with no surgery required - just Scenar and StemEquine. My eyesight has improved over 60% since using SE2 which is amazing given that my prescription has hardly changed before during the 35 years I've been wearing glasses. All the products are excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Roger Meacock MRCVS

SE2 is the advanced human formula that adds even more stem cells to the blood circulation for longer than the original StemEnhance formula. Both the StemPets and StemEquine are based on this proven formula. To hear how SE2 was discovered go here ...

A clinical study revealed that this extraordinary supplement increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million. Simply add StemEquine Advanced Formula granules to your horses' feeds to help recovery from injury and to maintain optimum performance, especially as horses get older. Contains no substances banned under FEI, BSJA, BD, BE or Jockey Club Rules.

See how StemEquine can heal severe wounds as depicted in this testimonial. (warning: nasty initial injury picture)

StemPets AdvancedFormula is a natural stem cell enhancer for dogs and other house pets.

It is based on SE2 and specially formulated as a chewable tablet for pets. Roger has had great success with StemPets to help dogs with partial cruciate tears and other muscle, ligament or tendon problems heal themselves more effectively and more quickly. StemPets is not an alternative for restricted and controlled rest and lead exercise only. Controlled and properly directed Hydrotherapy can significantly help with recovery too.

Read the testimonial of how StemPets helped a whelping bitch recover from gangrenous mastitis (warning: contains impressive pictures!)

A cutting-edge blend of antioxidants and enzymes that support optimal blood circulation, StemFlo was specifically designed to support the "flow" of adult stem cells and nutrients throughout the body – assisting your body's stem cell nutrition needs; the supplement also helps the body in reducing oxidative stress and in purifying the blood of toxins. Find out more ...

StemFlo (Part 1)
StemFlo (Part 2)

Patent-pending ST-5 with MigraStem quickly and conveniently provides the daily balanced nutrition you need to maximize the use of your own stem cells and create a "feel good" sense of vitality and stamina. Gently flavoured with vanilla, ST-5 with Migrastem contains more than 30 nutrients and antioxidants; boasting a non-soy, all vegetable protein with sesame extract in a new creamy formula. The supplement is also considered an excellent source of fibre, and may act as a pre-biotic supporting intestinal health. It can be used as a meal replacement shake within a properly constructed nutritional regime.
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DermaStem contains absolutely nothing artificial. It is an emulsion of dozens of ingredients gathered from around the world that work individually and in concert to regenerate the skin, while also fighting the effects of oxidative stress and other harmful internal and external triggers that cause premature ageing of the skin. There was a 25% reduction in wrinkles in 28 days during clinical trials whilst some individuals have reported significantly better results of up to 75% improvement!

I have it on good authority from a Clarins-trained beauty practitioner and make-up artiste that DermaStem is by far the best skin product she has ever tried. Being a bloke I'm no expert, but if you want to try it for yourself or buy it as a present for your partner/wife/GF then you'll get good Brownie points or so I'm told, but don't blame me if it back-fires!!! Find out more ...