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Overview of Roger S. Meacock BVSc, who is a fully insured CAM Practitioner, and the cutting-edge medical techniques that he has used for nearly 20 years and continues to pioneer.

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it."
– George Orwell

The body is self-healing - it's just a case of finding the right switch and switching it on! Simples!!

Roger Meacock BVSc is a fully insured CAM practitioner who has established an international reputation for treatments using a wide range of cutting-edge medical technologies and products. He specialises in taking on cases where more conventional options are offering little hope, are inappropriate or not desired, and to speed up all healing processes - from sports injuries to organ failure and allergies etc.

Most of Roger's work is with musculo-skeletal problems. He works at all levels from Olympic and International athletes in a number of disciplines and Joe Public down the road! Roger's combination of techniques can be used as much to maintain health, optimise performance and even help anti-ageing as they can be used for treatment.

Roger is able to offer residential inpatient treatment for people so that distant individuals can receive intensive treatment using every technique Roger has available to him in the optimum combinations as required. This gives unparalleled healing stimulation that can speed up recovery up to 3-4 times the normal rate for tendons, ligaments, muscle and other damaged tissues.

If you are unsure about how Roger might be able to help you then get in touch for a realistic discussion of your individual situation. There are too many different types of injury or illness to list here that Roger can help you with, although if you use the search facility (in the menu bar) you may find some information that is relevant to what you are looking for.

The following overview is a very brief description of Roge r's work. Greater details on everything can be found on other pages of the website. If you would like further information please contact Roger who will be happy to discuss your situation personally.

Natural Healing Solutions was originally founded in 2000 although Roger began working with Magnotherapy from 1995 and introduced the Scenar device in early 1998. He was one of the few people to attend the first Scenar training course held in the UK taught by some of the original developing Russian Doctors and scientists behind this technology ... read more ...

He treats people for conditions where a faster healing is desired without the use of pharmaceuticals wherever possible and where there is no other option being provided by conventional medical practice. Roger does not use or recommend any techniques or products that he has not personally tested.

Roger travels throughout the UK primarily treating people wherever he is needed provided there is enough work to make the trip viable for everybody. This includes internationally too, eg Varese near Milan, Italy. Roger has regular clinic days on the Isle of Wight at the Natural Therapy Centre just outside Ryde organised by Dr Vav Simon DC AMC MMCA FRCC. Please call Vav (number on NTC website) if you would like to book a consultation and treatment with Roger.

Roger also has regular trips to Cornwall, and also to East Anglia, Sussex/Kent and anywhere on the way eg M40 corridor, M25/Surrey etc. If you don't have enough people for a full day's treatment then it is still worth contacting Roger as there may be others in your area or on the way that will work into a loop! If there is nobody else in your area then Roger can still arrange to visit but will have to charge to cover travelling costs and time. It may be more cost-effective to come to Roger as an inpatient especially where there is time-pressure to get the best result as quickly as possible. With intensive work the healing process can progress at a very fast pace especially for fresh muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. A bout of initial intensive treatment is sometimes the only way to get serious or chronic injuries to heal.

Roger takes a truly holistic view of his work, looking at every ongoing health issue in order to help locate problems and any underlying issue(s). By identifying and addressing the root cause of a condition there is a much greater chance of successfully correcting the problem and significantly reducing the chance of its recurrence. It is Roger's experience and ability to holistically combine the various treatment techniques offered by himself and his associated professionals that makes what he does truly unique.

Of course the body can only heal itself efficiently if it has the means to establish the optimal interior conditions. The latest research on DNA suggests that genes are expressed according to the cellular environment which is equally as important during pregnancy as post-birth. New sciences including nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and metabolomics have arisen to help our understanding of what holistic practitioners have been talking about for many years - that nutrition and genetics are fundamentally linked. Roger is constantly striving to find ways to help optimise the body environment to help it regain and maintain proper function.

In late 2012, Roger started using Stem Cell nutrition to improve response to treatment and aid recovery in all types of injury and illness ... read more ...

Roger uses his own treatment skills and will recommend or bring in other top para-professionals as required in an effort to completely re-balance the patient. New treatment options are added to keep Natural Healing Solutions at the cutting edge of advancements in Energy Medicine and Healthcare.

Anti-ageing is also a personal interest of Roger's as there are implications for speeding the healing processes, performance optimisation and of course living to a healthy old age with minimal degenerative diseases. Roger regards investment in this aspect of his health now as the most important way of ensuring he's still very active and healthy once he's passed his 100th birthday!! read more ...

On many occasions, patients have resumed an active life or avoided expensive and ultimately unnecessary surgery and/or medication.

Non-Sport Conditions

Whilst many patients are treated for physical/sports injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries, muscular problems, back and joint pains etc Roger has significant success treating other issues such as allergies (eg Hayfever), cancers, kidney disease, sinusitis, unusual/rare conditions, losing weight and improving overall health.