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Techniques to help reduce and prevent allergies rather than just supress them

"I had been having an allergic reaction to something for quite a while and struggling to control it when my Mum suggested I get Roger to treat me. I rolled my eyes but agreed. He attached the bands to my wrists and ran the eLybra programme. He handed me the tablets that it had programmed up and to my utter amazement, the allergy disappeared within a few days and has never returned."


The conventional approach with allergies is primarily to concentrate on reducing the symptoms of the allergy such as itchiness, swelling, breathing issues etc by giving anti-histamines and/or steroids. Clearly in life-threatening situations giving adrenaline or anti-histamines is important to preserve life! In the longer term, it is important to identify the cause of the allergic response in order to avoid it again if possible, however some allergens (usually proteins that initiate the allergic response) are unavoidable which requires treatment to go further and deeper into the underlying issues.

It is most important to recognise that the allergic response itself is an indicator of an over-reaction of the immune system. It is not the pollen (in Hayfever), peanut (in a peanut allergy) that is the inherent problem or else every individual would react to these allergens in the same way. For some reason the individual that has the allergy is reacting in an unusual way and has become over-sensitised to their trigger. These individuals are more prone to over-reacting to other allergens too and are frequently allergic to multiple triggers although it is usually the one they react to most or last that gets all the blame.

Roger believes that there is a threshold of allergic burden that must be over-stepped in order to trigger overt allergic reactions. It is the cumulative response to all the triggers that tips the individual into displaying allergic symptoms. With multiple allergies it can be very difficult to assess what is going on. The most common or identifiable allergen frequently ends up taking the blame for the entire reaction. However, it could be that there is a food intolerance that is the largest factor in the overall allergenic burden which on its own is insufficient to cause outward allergic symptoms but when other less significant allergens are encountered one becomes the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back sufficiently to cause a clinical allergic responses. A lesser cause may then be identified as the main culprit in the situation. If the main intolerance (eg a food ingredient) is identified and removed, then the other individual allergens are easily tolerated and cease to be issues as the immune system settles down and normalises.

Roger's approach to allergies of any sort is to try to identify the main cause if it isn't already known and any other lesser allergens if possible too. Treatment is then directed at balancing the individual in respect to both the main cause of the allergy and the immune system to make the individual less reactive overall.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to identify and/or avoid the main allergen, especially if it is environmental, in which case it becomes even more crucial to re-balance the immune system so that it ceases to respond to these allergens at all. For more common allergies such as Hayfever and adverse reactions to insect bites, there are Health Disk options that can be bought here. These formulae can also be programmed into an ePendant or homeopathic tablets.  Bespoke energy-balancing treatment is a more individualised solution and can be performed remotely and ordered here.

Contrary to how some people market the eLybra it is not possible to use it to identify allergens. It can however be used to generate a generic or bespoke remedy to help balance the immune system, neutralise the reaction to the allergen and thereby alleviate symptoms.