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EM Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is invisible but surrounds us, affecting as much as 40% of the population or more

As you can see on the diagram of the EM spectrum on the right, the microwave frequencies are pretty crowded which is why masts are moving to higher frequencies for 5G. Consequently more masts are required because the 5G signals aren't supposed to travel as far. As the video below shows that's not entirely correct, plus it bounces around.....

The TED talk video above gives useful practical hints and details the adverse effects that people are already experiencing from SMART meters.

There is considerable research that has found adverse effects from EM pollution but rather than list the 000s of papers here, the following links take you to those who have listed them for me!

Just Prove It Studies

EMF Warriors Library

Schools across the world are removing WiFi - some voluntarily, but in some countries such as France it has become national policy in primary schools and is limited for older children.

Parents for Safe Technology

The following video takes you through some of the evidence and research that has been done that proves that there are issues with EM pollutions. It also takes you through the research that has been carried out to demonstrate the benefits of CMO technology.

The following pdf file was written in 2012 to explain the mechanism by which EM pollution adversely affects our cells and body. Bear in mind how much more exposure we receive today and how much more we are going to experience when 5G is widespread and many houses contain microwave Smart meters.


Michael Mansfield QC is leading the legal team challenging the UK Government over its failure to take notice of the health risks and public concern related to 5G.

One of the most venerated barristers of our time, Michael Mansfield has led legal teams in high profile cases of civil liberty and miscarriages of justice. He has represented the families of Grenfell Tower, Lockerbie, the Ballymurphy Massacre and Stephen Lawrence.

He was recently described as “the king of human rights work” by The Legal 500 and as a Leading Silk in civil liberties and human rights.

Funding is required to fight the case. Please visit the website through the link below to donate. This is an ongoing fight.

Donate here

What is Electromagnetic Pollution?

In order to understand what electromagnetic (EM) pollution is it is first necessary to understand what EM radiation is. Electromagnetic radiation can be classified into two types: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ultraviolet and higher frequencies, such as X-rays or gamma rays are ionizing, and these pose their own special hazards that are well known and have their own safety guidelines in recognition of their potential to do harm. Lower frequency radiation is termed non-ionising and covers a wide range of EM radiation some if which occurs naturally eg generated by the sun, but is increasingly being generated by man-made electrical and electronic devices, power cables and communication masts and devices such as mobile and iDECT phones and WiFi etc. With 5G and SMART meters on the increase things are set to get worse.

It is this excess EM radiation many times above the natural background radiation within which we evolved that is considered EM pollution. It has increased over a quintillion times over the last 10 years alone - that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times!!

It was originally thought that non-ionising radiation had to cause a thermal/heating effect in order to be harmful. With this in mind a scale to measure the heating effect was developed called the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. Governments adopted safety guidelines drawn up based on SAR figures which are still used to evaluate safety levels. There is now a considerable body of research that proves that non-thermal disruption of biological processes are a very real effect. Biological systems (ie our cells and body) are non-linear thermodynamic systems with a number of targets within single organs or tissues. A Russian scientist Markov showed in 2006 that even a simple conformational change in a protein or a change in the ion binding is capable of initiating signal transduction modifications which affect how the body functions. I think the question really is "How many and how much of our adverse biological effects are caused by EM pollution?", when all it needs to do is to change a protein structure which relies of biophysical influences in its environment to determine its structure and ability to phase transition as required.

Even at a more macro level when we consider that every cell in the body has an electrical potential across the cell membrane, that ions flow in and out of cells thereby creating micro-currents and associated magnetic fields, that nerve impulses function on electrical principles, it is no surprise that extraneous EM radiation of considerably more power acts as interference noise that disrupts the proper functioning of our cells. Despite this, the SAR scale and guidelines are still adopted when deciding on safety levels despite being clearly out of date with the current understanding.

Even before we have the current levels of EM pollution with the emergence of digital EM pollution too, it was estimated that as much as 40-50% of the population is adversely affected by EM pollution. Symptoms vary from tired eyes, mild temporary fatigue and mild headaches to severe headaches and migraines, depression and mental illness, chronic fatigue and cancers. At least 3% of the population is considered disabled by EM pollution, and as much as 8% in some countries. With greater magnitudes of EM pollution and ongoing denial from vested authorities that there is a problem, it is likely that these figures drastically under-estimate the current state. These more severe symptoms are becoming increasingly common and at every younger ages as the exposure time required to develop such effects is becoming shorter and children are increasing their usage of such harmful technologies at ever younger ages too.

Digital signals create their own increased disruption. Digital signals by definition are either on or off with instantaneous changes between the 2 states. The peak signals occur without warning and the body finds it even more difficult to accommodate to such changes. A good analogy is the difference in how we perceive flowing water; a continuous flowing stream is soothing in contrast to a dripping tap that was the basis for Chinese water torture.

As you can see from the visual below, EM pollution has the ability to affect virtually every tissue type. Children are more vulnerable due their thinner skull and smaller body as the distance of penetration into the body is the same for all. Stem cells and more rapidly dividing tissues are more vulnerable too which are obviously more abundant in growing individuals whose whole body is growing.

The Problem

With increasing EM pollution comes increasing cellular disruption and resultant illness. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a digital age and there are powerful vested interests who control and support further development. There is also no doubt that there are advantages to increasing technology and better wireless communication etc. If SMART Meters can reduce the use of fossil fuels there are clear environmental advantages, but at the expense of our health?!! No!! With 5G about to be rolled out there will be download speeds of around 1G/sec, but the higher number of masts at very much closer intervals required due to the higher frequency signal will massively increase the number of people who will suddenly be placed in their close proximity where the signal is stronger and has more adverse effects. However, it is unrealistic to consider that such technology will be withdrawn and scrapped. It is far more likely to be further developed and deployed to new technologies and uses.

Without a way to mitigate the adverse effects it is no surprise that there has been corporate and establishment denial regarding the problems. However the weight of evidence that this new technology has potentially more serious consequences for more than for a few individuals is now overwhelming. When France has a national policy of not putting WiFi into primary schools and public libraries in recognition of the harm it causes, it is clear that concerns over EM pollution can no longer be dismissed as some sort of hippy or fringe scaremongering. France is not alone in introducing such legislation. Such policies are not introduced lightly without good scientific support.

When EM pollution is also affecting the action of insects such as bees which are required to propagate our crops it is crucial that a remedy is found to the problem. Failure of crops to be pollinated has far greater implications for our ability to feed populations beyond those who suffer from electro-sensitivity to whatever degree.

It is not possible to shield the body from the effects of EM pollution without cutting us off from the benefits it brings. Grounding accumulated EM interference is a bit like closing the door after the horse has bolted and whilst it has some benefits, does nothing to mitigate the adverse affects that occur when the EMFs hit the body and the biological interference that is caused prior to grounding. Plug-in options create their own EM pollution and stress too.

The Solution

However there is a range of products now available in the UK and Ireland that use CMO technology to maintain, at the cellular level, the ion-protein binding that is disturbed by the polluting EM field, thus protecting the natural electromagnetic functioning of cells and organs such as the brain or the eye.

Statement authorised by the AFSSAPS

"CMOs are an excellent way (...) to effectively protect us from the uncertain but likely harmfulness of electromagnetic waves "

The French Health Products Safety Agency have authorised Comosystems in a public declaration to allow this claim.

For more information and to buy your products for protection and peace of mind, check out the CMO and TOCA products at