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Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine? Is it science-based? Why use it and when?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

Testimonials ...

"If it wasn't for your Scenar treatment for my bad back I don't think I'd have been able to get back in the Boxing ring. I'd tried everything I thought until my Trainer recommended you. Can I bring my Mum next time as she's really struggling with a bad back too?!!"

"My eyes are no longer sore and inflamed from Macular Degeneration and the progress of damage has been much slowed down in the left eye. The right eye which was very badly damaged has improved slightly."

"Trigeminal neuralgia is like having tooth ache in all your teeth at once. Since I've been having Scenar treatment from you it has gone, hopefully never to return."

"I didn't have to take the extra morphine my Doctor prescribed me. Everyone that knows me was amazed at my recovery. "

"I really appreciate what you did for me. We actually got out competing - something I would truly have said was not possible EVER some months ago!"

The Science behind Energy Medicine!

atoms.jpgScientists now accept that all matter even at the atomic level is fundamentally bundles of energy that materialise and disappear in a seemingly random fashion. If all the atoms in our bodies were compacted to the dimension of its nucleus, we would be one billionth of our size! Our volume is due to energy interactions. Our energy field extends beyond our physical body and can be detected by cameras and other electromagnetic measuring instruments. Just because we personally cannot see or feel it, doesn’t mean the energy field isn’t there – infra-red cameras are used by the police to track criminals by following their heat energy emissions and by Roger to identify areas of inflammation or abnormal circulation.

kirlian_finger.jpgThis is a Kirlian photograph showing the energy field around a finger (end on). Kirlian photography was developed in Russia and there are now devices that can be used diagnostically based on this technique. Kirlian photography has also been used to monitor changes in the energy field following various treatment modalities. It is interesting to note that the energy field surrounding microwaved food is almost non-existent. No wonder they were banned on health grounds in Russia before Peristroika!

Given that the body is fundamentally energy it is more logical to treat it with energy/frequencies than chemicals. Energy flows in bodies along meridians that were identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine thousands of years ago. These were confirmed in the 1960s by Korean scientists led by Bong-Han Kim who successfully stained and identified these energy pathways that are now referred to the Primo Vascular System. Kim's findings have been confirmed more recently too. There are also key energy portals called chakras which were recognised in ancient India. Cellular junctions along these meridians have been shown to have enhanced glycocalyx intercellular communications.

Acupuncture points have been scientifically shown to be physiologically different - Prof. Tiller at Stanford University, California showed that acupuncture points have a significantly lower electrical resistance than surrounding skin. Energy medicine (CAM) takes on many forms - Acupuncture, Sound Therapy, Homoeopathy and Scenar amongst many others. Anybody who says there is no science behind CAM needs to learn more science including Quantum Physics!


The picture on the left above shows the corona discharge from 3 acupuncture points on the back of the hand that correspond to red points on the acupuncture chart on the right. A Russian-designed piece of equipment called the Acuvision was used to create this effect and can be used to treat using ion-puncture therapy.