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You are what you eat! Nutrition is foundational to providing the body with what it needs to self-heal and to respond to treatments as best it can. It is the primary factor in determining how fast and well we age.

Inflammation is at the root of virtually every disease

Nutrition Overview

Healing requires a higher level of energy intake than what is required for just maintenance and is enhanced by the best nutrition. This is backed up by more recent findings that genes are expressed according to the cellular environment which is largely dictated by the quality of food consumed.

Processed foods are junk food based on cheaply sourced, poor quality ingredients with preservatives and other added chemicals that we wouldn't need to add if we were cooking from scratch to eat fresh. We know a poor diet is responsible for many illnesses in people including diabetes, heart disease and of course obesity. Inflammation and oxidative stress is known to be at the root of many illnesses. The symptoms are simply a reflection of where in the body the oxidative stress is primarily located.

Recent studies in human medicine have proven links between oral pathology and serious conditions including heart disease, liver and kidney disease and cancer. It is now becoming clearer that nasal and sinus hygiene is equally important as these can become reservoirs of infection to reinfect not only the mouth and cause chronic problems, but also the digestive tract. Continual seeding of infection can lead onto chronic digestive issues, most probably through influence on the microbiome of the digestive tract. The importance of our microbiome is becoming increasingly recognised not only for digestive health but linking as far afield as brain health too.

Roger has recently sourced some excellent products to help with healing the digestive tract itself where villi in the small intestine become damaged and lose their integrity. This enables complexes that wouldn't otherwise cross over from the gut lumen to the blood and gut tissue to do so which sets up local inflammation, allegies and immune issues such as food intolerances etc. IntestAid IB is a blend of nucleotides and other nutrients that has been shown to help heal the villi. Micromax® is a naturally fermented live gut reconditioning supplement that helps to optimise the bacterial population profile in the gastrointestinal tract.

Our diet requires the full complement of nutrients.

When discussing diet, the focus tends to be on calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate content. Whilst important of course, these macronutrients are not the whole story. The micronutrients (Vitamins, minerals and trace elements) play a vital role, not only in determining how well we can absorb and utilise the macronutrients but they also have their own vital functions in the body too. The minerals and trace elements have little-understood roles within biochemical reactions but also biophysical effects that are even less well understood but equally influential in determining how well our enzymes, DNA, RNAs and anti-oxidants etc can function for overall cell activity.

There is no doubt now that the human diet lacks vital trace elements and minerals that have been lost from our soil and not replaced through intensive farming practices. Quinton products provide the optimum trace element and mineral balance that is almost identical to blood plasma and extra-cellular fluid plus all the other organic molecules that support cellular life and function. The correct presence and proportions of minerals and trace elements are essential to help us absorb the macronutrients and vitamins too. Most people are not getting sufficient exposure to natural sunlight and the beta ultraviolet wavelengths that induce Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is vital for correct bone maintenance and also to help the immune system fight viral infections. Roger, along with many CAM Drs, considers that daily Vitamin D3 supplementation is now an essential part of health maintenance. If you click on the Vit D3 picture you can source the best value product that Roger uses himself.

Our diet is often deficient in nucelotides too - the building blocks of DNA and RNA. NuCell IM, one of the range of Nutri-Tide products provides a bioavailable supplement of nucleotides to ensure proper nucleic acid replication. A healthy body starts with healthy cells!

Raw fruit and vegetables frequently contaminated with pesticides and herbicides that have been sprayed on crops to maximise growth, minimise disease and reduce losses. It is always advisable to wash these raw ingredients (but not meat) but not everything can be washed. Organic foods do not necessarily guarantee to be completely free of contaminants but the range is much reduced and levels should be significantly lower. Processed feeds, especially those based on grains are highly likely to be contaminated with Glyphosate - the active ingredient in Round-Up and some other sprays. Check out the pages on this product to find out the impact it has on the environment and us.