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Heal the Gut

A suggested regime to help those with digestive issues to get back to how you should be

Heal the Gut

Digestive health is key to overall health in so many different areas. There are obviously direct gut pathologies that have been on the rise including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, ulcers, Coeliac's Disease, food allergies and more. However due to the microbiome, serotonin production and the high level of immune tissue within the digestive tract the gut has been linked to much wider-reaching health issues including auto-immune disease, mental health (from depression through to Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and autism etc), heart and liver disease, diabetes and no doubt more links will be made. Given that we are what we eat, it is not surprising and of course all out food passes through the digestive tract, nutrients, toxins, contaminants etc all of which require processing either for our benefit as nutrients or to neutralise them to try to prevent harm. Eventually our ability to neutralise problems declines and problems set in and spiral our health down.

Nutrition of course plays a huge role and people are becoming more aware of how certain foods can cause problems. Gluten is probably the best well known, but not many people realise that there are about 12 different forms of gluten, only 1 of which is commonly tested for in allergy tests. Allergy testing gives the impression that it's a binary answer - yes or no, but in reality it's a sliding scale of reaction with some people classified as "intolerant" to varying degrees.

The hint as to how it causes problems is in the name GLUtEn!! It glues up the villi and microvilli in the smal intestine - the tiny finger-like projections on the gut lining that massively increase the surface area for digestion and absorption. Once the villi are bound together (imagine the residue that's left in the pan when you make porridge joining the villi in a lump of glue) and damaged then the function of the villi are inhibited, digestion is reduced and once the integrity of the barrier between the gut lumen and the body is breached then various bacteria, toxins and larger molecules that previously couldn't pass, now can. These put a burden on the liver and the immune system. The immune system forms complexes with proteins in the food which sets up the basis for food allergies.

Dairy foods are the other big issue for many people. Humans are the only species that consumes milk (in various different forms) after weaning. It tends to be mucogenic - ie you may feel your nose and sinus feeling a bit bunged up after your ice cream at the cinema and symptoms are worse after dairy products if you are suffering with a cold or influenza virus, or even hayfever.

Most food allergies develop when the integrity of the digestive tract has been compromised. Others eg egg allergy can arise from vaccine contaminants, but that's another issue!

Once inflammation set in then it becomes a vicious cycle and very difficult to break and recover. IBS covers a multitude of symptoms and can develop into Crohn's where people have sections of gut removed and can end up with a colostomy bag. Chronic inflammation wherever it occurs is the forerunner to diseases such as Cancer whether of the bowel or elsewhere. It therefore becomes obvious that in order to minimise diseases such as these we need to heal the gut, maintain it and stop antagonising it with poor diets. If we manage this correctly for the vast majority of the time then we are able to cope with the odd occasion when we eat something because it tastes nice that's not quite so good for us!

I have put together a suggested treatment regime combining different products I have discovered that help to heal the damaged gut wall, reduce inflammation and maintain the gut. Not surprisingly these products will also help support the body to heal and maintain itself elsewhere too. It goes without saying that the diet also needs to be addressed, not just through the healing process but as a lifestyle choice thereafter too.

"All disease begins in the gut."

Hippocrates 460-370BC

1. Stop the rot ...

The first step is to stop eating what has allowed the problem to develop in the first place. As Einsten said

"The definition of madness is to do the same thing and expect a different result"


"Problems cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness that created them."

This means your eating habits have to change for good - your body has given you warning to change your lifestyle!

2. Heal the gut

There are then a number of products that you can take to help the digestive tract heal.

Nucleotide nutrition IntestAid has a proven track record in helping the villi and microvilli of the small intestine to heal. It provides the building blocks for our DNA and RNA that are central to proper cellular function. More info here ....

DNA which is made up of the nucleotides supplied by IntestAid requires at least 64 different minerals and trace elements to function and replicate properly. If you have been suffering with digestive issues then you are likely to be deficient in minerals and trace elements too. Quinton marine plasma contains all 78 naturally-occurring elements in the right form and proportions for easy absorption. With an inflammatory condition the Isotonic version is the right one to take. Start on 1 x 10ml ampoule/day at night for 7 days, then take another in the morning for the rest of month 1, increasing to 3/day in month 2. More info here ...

3. Correct the microbiome

MicroMax contains 80 different bacteria and 40 different biodynamic herbs to help your microbiome regain the correct composition. The nutrients included in this fermented product will help the digestive tract heal itself too. Some people can find that there is a digestive upset when first using this product as it takes a few days for the new microbiome to establish itself - both to the new diet and new bacterial influences. This should be viewed in a positive light as a sign that changes are happening. If you do not experience this initial reaction then your gut is adjusting and healing more quickly which is also positive. More info here ...

4. Stop any reservoir of infection

People with chronic sinus problems can often develop digestive issues too. This is because the infection remains in the sinuses and feeds down in mucus into the digestive tract. If you have a known sinus issue then Quinton Hypertonic Nasal Spray will help your body clear it out and get rid of the reservoir that is reinfecting the oral cavity and your gut. If you don't have a known nasal sinus issues then the Isotonic Nasal Spray is a good idea to make sure there is no low level reservoir and is good for maintaining healthy sinuses anyway.