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Happy feedback from happy clients. It's why I do what I do, the way that I do it ....!!!!

Across the board ...

  • I am very glad to inform you that I am now walking without help from my crutches, THANK GOD. This is definitely down to your treatment for my gout.
    – PG, London
  • "My eyes are no longer sore and inflamed from Macular Degeneration and the progress of damage has been much slowed down in the left eye. The right eye which was very badly damaged has improved slightly."
    – C.E., Reading
  • "Then there is Roger Meacock and his Russian machine... I have to admit that this one does it for me."
    – Pammy Hutton, FBHS
    Joint Principal of The Talland School of Equitation, International Dressage Rider and Trainer
  • "I had a rotational fracture of my upper arm in September, leaving me with considerable pain and restricted movement. Following treatment from Roger Meacock in December I have had incredible improvement. I would recommend this treatment prior to considering other solutions such as injections or surgery."
    – Mary Dollimore
  • "Roger has used his Scenar machine to help with my hamstring strain three months after the event. To say I feel a miracle has occurred is no exaggeration! I've gone from taking Neproxin daily to no pain killers. The muscles in my lower back no longer hurt, the sciatic pain has all be disappeared after just one treatment! I just don't understand why doctors and other vets aren't recommending these treatments. Highly, highly recommended!"
    – Kim Parker Adcock
  • "Thank you sending me my second batch of Active H2. I am happy to tell you that this stuff has been a revelation! I have suffered from a combination of asthma and nasal polyps for about 15 years, and needed three surgeries during that time.

    Doctors have no 'cure' for this and so over the years I have tried many, many natural therapies and currently take a handful of supplements every day. But nothing has been as effective as Active H2. After about a week of drinking this water daily my sinuses began to open and for the first time in many years I could actually smell and taste food. I have not known this pleasure for a long time. It could, of course, be due to the combined effect of some of my other supplements, but this happened only after I started Active H2."
    – GK, United Kingdom

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Scenar in the Press

For one of the most injury prone players in the sport (Dan Luger) ... (the Scenar) provides some insurance against further damage... 'I've used (Scenar) for problems with my neck and groin and there's no doubt it speeds up recovery.' England Rugby Union international Dan Luger in The Daily Mail, October 2003

"I am no medical man, so I cannot say for sure how much I owe to the machine (Scenar). But put it this way, the day before I started using it, I did a 20-minute run on the treadmill and really struggled on level eight. After three days of treatment, I did the same run on level 15 and didn't feel it at all." England Rugby Union international Mike Catt in the Mirror.

A Russian invention to keep astronauts in peak condition could be the latest and most revolutionary weapon of the alternative health industry. Daily Mail, November 1999

Teaching the body to heal itself naturally. The Times, October 2000

"Scenar therapy is a breakthrough treatment that really works. " Ray Klerck, Fitness Editor, Men's Health Magazine

Scars remain when the body has not completed its healing process. A device called Scenar... is undergoing trials in this country, but in Russia, where it has been much used, it has been shown to encourage healing. The machine is held close to the part of the body that needs healing and emits electronic impulses that stimulate the brain to complete the healing process." The Guardian, February 2003