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Stem Cell Nutrition

Faster healing of the body through increased release and circulation of innate stem cells.

The video above is the first of a series on Roger's YouTube Channel that introduce the concept and products of Stem Cell Nutrition.

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Innate Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are the current buzz words in treatment for the future although there are limitations with current techniques of injecting stem cells into injury sites. The most recent information has revealed that the healing does not last because when stem cells are harvested and injected into an injury only a small proportion of the injected stem cells are relevant to that tissue type. Those stem cells that are relevant will differentiate and heal the damage, but in time the stem cells that are not supposed to be in that tissue can create problems including necrosis and/or ossification which causes the injury to break down again. Recent developments using A-cell therapy are much better because the A-cells release cytokines that call in the body's own stem cells that are then correct for that tissue type. The more stem cells there are in the circulation the better the body can supply them to damaged areas to enable the body to heal itself. A-cell treatment is comparable in price to stem cell injections but can treat multiple sites if necessary for the same cost. A-cell treatment can be used to treat recent or old injuries alike.

There is a another cheaper alternative where specific nutrients have been identified that stimulate the body to produce and release 25-30% higher levels of adult stem cells into the blood from bone marrow naturally. Increasing circulating numbers of innate stem cells has the advantage in being able to improve not just the known areas that need healing but any unknown areas too. If used as an ongoing supplementation the body will maintain itself better and effectively reduce ageing degeneration throughout the body.

Stem Enhance Ultra

Stem Enhance Ultra increases the release of stem cells to the blood circulation. It is the result of many years of research and is the most effective and scientifically validated wellness product of this type on the market today.



Stem Enhance Ultra is a concentrate of natural "super foods". It is a unique blend of freshwater microalgae called Aphanizomenon flos aquae (AFA) and Fucoidan an extract of Undaria pinnatifida, a marine macroalgae. The combination of AFA and Fucoidan offers a unique synergy that is reinforced by MesenkineTM® - a unique extract of spirulina.