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Russian Healing Blanket

Method for restoring the body's innate adaptive capability that enables healing.

"I purchased the Russian Healing Blanket after enveloping myself in my friend's and realising that this wasn't any ordinary blanket. When I got home I put it on my dog. He is a 17 year old lurcher, noisy breathing and although he moved well was not active and chose to stay in bed and only go to the toilet in the front garden; he kept himself away from my other dogs. After only three days (about 1/2 hour each), he was storming through the other 5 dogs and running over the field and helping me muck the stables out (he had not done that for about 2 years). He now rolls and runs and is so alert - the blanket is amazing. Thank you Roger, this is one testimonial that there is life in the old dog. I would not be without it. Also I put it on the sofa most nights and my dogs all choose to lie on it, very interesting they spend around 20-30 minutes, get off and another dog has his turn.

For myself I thought that I was healthy but spent a week (again about 1/2hour/session) and each time I felt totally relaxed. I found that my digestion improved, it was like I had been given a detox (without the side effects), my intestines felt 'clean'. I had a headache at the weekend and went for a 'snuggle' in the blanket and it eased. Thank you so much from my animals and myself."

Diane M (Herefordshire) May 2014

Download the pdf of the Healing Blanket Manual to find out what it can do

pdf.pngThere are no more genuine Victory TM Russian Healing Blankets available to buy as Victory sold out and the active layer used now is not the original composite material but a cheaper version.

Luckily Roger stock-piled them before they were bought out but they are now all sold unless I can raise funds to get another big batch manufactured.



Our environment is an ocean of endless streams of matter, energy and information. The rapid growth of informo-bioenergetics, the new science of energy-informational exchanges between a person and the environment, presents a natural step in today’s progression of knowledge. The fundamental and practical works in this field by specialists in Russia, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, India and other countries demonstrates the growing contribution of bioenergetic applications to improve personal health, safety, and physical performance, as well as for greater efficiency with regard to clinical expenditure, working time, energy and materials.

Designed by Russian specialists, the Multilayer Healing Blanket technology and products represent a special category of medical devices, whose action is based upon the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the inherent body mechanisms that function as an integral self-regulating system.

The foundational work in investigating this approach and subsequent development of devices of this type were carried out by Wilhelm Reich and his colleagues in the 1930s-1950s. Reich's work began in the universities of Copenhagen and Oslo, and then, after his move to the USA, in a New York research centre.

The key element of these devices is the encapsulating chamber that creates an artificial localized environment around the patient’s body, or a part of the body. The specific properties of this chamber provide the desired activation of the body’s self-regulatory and self-recovery mechanisms.

Nowadays, the most extensive research in this field is carried out in the USA (Biophysical Research Laboratory, El Kerrito, California) in Western Europe (Wilhelm Reich Institute, Berlin) and until recently in the Russian Federation at Victoria TM Research Centre, Taganrog where this Healing Blanket was developed. Unlike their western colleagues, the Russian specialists approach involves subjecting the body or body part to subtle factors of a biophysical nature.

Designed in the Victoria TM’s R&D Division, the Healing Blanket became a distinctly new informo-bioenergetic therapeutic tool which uses the patient's own reflected infra-red and extra-high frequency emissions to initiate subtle but effective localised and systemic changes. Based on the Adaptive Body Activity concept the Healing Blanket has a broad clinical application. Using informo-bioenergetic principles based on clinical data, the Russian Healing Blanket can have an even greater beneficial effect through its own action and will enhance other activational therapy approaches such as Scenar for a wide range of applications.

The above is a summary of the introduction written by Professor V.I.Timoshenko Sc.D., Head of Department of Electro-hydro-acoustic and Medical Technologies, Taganrog Radio-engineering University, Russia; Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and International Academy of Ecology and Honoured Scientist of Russia, Laureate of the National Prize of the USSR.

How it Works

The Healing Blanket is a combination of several specific membrane layers that together produce the desired integrated therapeutic effect. The specifically designed membrane inside the blanket shields whatever is wrapped in it from all external energetic influences that interfere in with the normal body regulatory frequencies. This means that the body has a clearer channel for self-regulation so is more efficient and effective in healing and maintaining itself. The blanket also collects the patient’s own electromagnetic emissions from the body, then converts and reflects them back. This effect more evenly distributes the surface electrical charge density, thus providing a reservoir of energy that is drawn into the body through deficient biologically active points (eg Acupuncture points) of the body surface to rebalance the meridians and body energy systems. Through balancing the meridians etc it enables the body to correct the overall homoeostasis of the organism. This in turn provides additional energy (through being more efficient) to more readily integrate and react to the body's environment once out of the healing blanket and better maintain overall health.

Proven Clinical Results

The clinical tests performed in the leading research institutes of the RAMS have shown the vast potential of the Healing Blanket for a wide range of applications in clinical practice.

The device exerts a beneficial effect on all patients during and following the therapeutic procedure.
(from the conclusion by the Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology of the RAMS).

... the therapeutic multilayer blanket meets the requirements of modern clinical practice. It is simple and convenient in operation, and produces no discomfort or intolerance in a patient.
(from the conclusion by the Russian Research Center of Rehabilitation and Physiology).

Extensive clinical validation has proven activational Healing Blanket therapy to be highly efficient. The statistical therapeutic results of Healing Blanket therapy based upon the clinical application of the Healing Blanket procedure during the period from 1993 to 1997 are presented below:-

Disease Category

Improvement %

Partial Improvement %

Unchanged %

























Peripheral NS




Autonomic NS








There are very few contra-indications - namely

    1. Acute myocardial infarction.
    2. Circulatory deficiency (type III).
    3. Haemorrhagic insult.
    4. Acute and chronic haemorrhages.
    5. Tendency to haemorrhages.
    6. Unconsciousness.
    7. Coma state.
    8. Idiopathic fever.
    9. Frequent epileptic attacks (4-6 times per week).
    10. High susceptibility to convulsions.
    11. Acute hallucinosis, acute delirious psychosis.
    12. Individual intolerance.

The haemorrhagic contra-indications are due to the blood-thinning effect of the Healing Blanket.

Recent research has discovered that the timing of treatment during the day can be critical to maximising the success of the treatment. There are now much more successful regimes for using the multilayer Healing Blanket to treat stress and other psychological issues, weight loss and performance optimisation.